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Mojave Subdivison
Wednesday, March 21, 2018 @ 6:00pm ET
Hosted by: RTS Railroad Transportation Simulator
Signups: 1
Additional Timezones
6:00pm EDT
5:00pm CDT
4:00pm MDT
3:00pm PDT
Mar 21 10:00pm GMT
Mar 21 10:00pm GMT
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Next 4 hour session set for mainline trains and dispatch only, not anticipating any locals until next session.

Sign up for interest here or on the RTS Wikia forums.  If you ran last session feel free to continue where you left off, or take a new AI service.  Spawning is also available both from AI or custom spawns at my discretion.



Session Region: V2 Southern California
IP Address:
Port: 15197
Texters OK: Yes


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