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Server Added: May 7, 2017
Added by: rice3985
Last Updated: Oct 28, 2017

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Run 8 V2
Southern California
Mojave, Needles, Cajon, Seligman

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Southwest Rail Simulations had been up and running for almost 6 months now.  Operations consistent of through trains randomly spawned by the AI Generator and strategically spawned trains which are manually spawned by the on duty dispatchers.  The server is available 24x7, however there must be an on duty dispatcher for operations on the mainline. 

This is a prototypical server, but the main goal is to provide an educational and enjoyable experience and help grow the overall Run8 community however possible.

Our California server consistently has 60 plus concurrent AI generated through trains and several manually spawned manifest trains.  We use Oligarchy Dispatching mode to put an emphasis on realistic operations including communications between the train crew and dispatcher.  Whenever we have an on-duty Dispatcher we will be moving mainline traffic, and you are more than welcome to assume control of an AI train or take a manifest or local departure (when available) from one of the yards. 

Currently we are supporting 11 sessions per week with one or more dispatchers on duty.  Monday thru Thursday we have both mid-day and evening sessions.  Friday we have an early morning session, and just recently we are offering Saturday and Sunday morning extended sessions.  

To obtain server connectivity information you are reqired to register at our Website/Forum URL after reading the introductory information.  Registration is very quick and simple.  I look forward to seeing you on the rails.

Mike Rice (SRS Server Owner)


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