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Server Added: Jul 11, 2017
Added by: SMRY
Last Updated: Mar 30, 2018

Hosted Server Regions & Routes

Run 8 V2
Southern California
Mojave, Needles, Cajon, Seligman

Selkirk, Mohawk

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Community Details

SMRY operates Run8.2, both CA & NY. If you'd care to operate. Please visit/join forums for further details.

SMRY is leaning more towards CA at this time, hoping perhaps may appeal to those not wishing to purchase further than the base route. I've all CA content/upgrades offered thus far (03/29/18), those that want to operate further are covered as well.

All of todays Industries, as of 2018 are setup, tags inplace, humps operating. SMRY probably has many more tags within the playing world than others, very detailed.

(Update) BNSF-San Bernardino-Sub / L.A. released 03/29/18.                                                                                                                SMRY's going to go with included Industry & Tags for the moment, many will be weeded out, &, or, tweaked as time goes by,         we'll also slowly add L.A.-Default-Tags to the humps for now.

Anyways, Your Call, The Door's Open, A Freindly Handshake Offered.

Server Connection Info

Server Region IP Address Port Password
V2 Southern California 15197
V2 Northeast 15197


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