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Server Added: Jul 11, 2017
Added by: SMRY
Last Updated: Feb 22, 2018

Hosted Server Regions & Routes

Run 8 V2
Southern California
Mojave, Needles, Cajon, Seligman

Selkirk, Mohawk

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Origin: SMRY began operations with MSTS, Railworks, Train Simulator, also Trainz: &, Run8.
I chose Run8.2 NorthEast for a change of pace, as, it seemed many navigated to both CA / FL servers.
I'm hoping others may enjoy SMRY for another spin on realistic style of ops.
We're looking for those that harbor a love of RRing be it foamer to RR retirees.
SMRY also operates what we like to call "Adopt-An-Industry" more details found by joining us.
There's always something to do within "SMRY", &, "You!", are our most important commodity.
Please Join Us, Won't You?.

Update-02/22/18: With HighBall-Server going Fallen Flags (Salute), would like to offer CA.                                                       Perhaps, others would like another option / style within CA. I only ask that "You" follow the link given, &,                             join the forums. I've already CA ops inplace, namely AI/IndustryTags/HumpSetups. I'd prefer to allow                              SMRY employees (You) to create train symbols, as you need, as they really have no effect on base game.                                For now I'll let both LCtrl+L, &, activation of humps point-out Tags/Industry/Trks.                                                         Should others grow/show an interest, I'll be more than happy to post IndustryTags/HumpSetups info via forums.                     By offering another version of CA, those that don't wish to go beyond base Run8.2 money wise, will be in fine shape.                 Send word via Forums. Its "Your" call?.. 


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