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Server Added: Jul 11, 2017
Added by: SMRY
Last Updated: Aug 8, 2017

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Run 8 V2
Selkirk, Mohawk

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SMRY began operations with MSTS, Railworks, Train Simulator, also Trainz: &, Run8.
I chose Run8.2 NorthEast for a change of pace, as, it seemed many navigated to both CA / FL servers.
I'm hoping others may enjoy SMRY for another spin on realistic style of ops.
We're looking for those that harbor a love of RRing be it foamer to RR retirees.
SMRY also operates what we like to call "Adopt-An-Industry" more details found by joining us.
There's always something to do within "SMRY", &, "You!", are our most important commodity.
Please Join Us, Won't You?.


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