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Server Added: May 1, 2017
Added by: SurvivorSean
Last Updated: Apr 15, 2018

Hosted Server Regions & Routes

Run 8 V2
Southern California
Mojave, Needles

Selkirk, Mohawk

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RTS is the first ever server network launched along side of Run8 V1.  California discontinued 24/7 operations early spring 2017, followed by Florida in early fall 2017.  Smiley has also brought back a Selkirk Mohwak V2 server as well on a part time basis.  After a brief break, Sean has announced the return of the RTS California Server for Spring 2018.

RTS also is the home of the RTS Beta car forwarding system for Run8 V1.  Plans for V2 was put on hold due to Run8V2 automating most tasks and having an interface that worked well with it .  For now we would rather work in their system, and find our own creative ways to get things to work better for us despite some of it's shortcomings.  Run8 V2 still has way more pros than cons to overall satisfaction of operation.

RTS maintains a Wikia which includes both reference (wiki documents) as well as forums.  Wikia Membership is NOT required to access and post to these forums, but it's encouraged.  Members also have the ability to edit and add their knowledge to all non-critical Wikia documents.  The documents can be tutorials, prototypical info, etc.

Modification of menus are easy (such as adding a link to this and other great resources).  Any user created documents can easily be linked to other documents and menus.  Unlike posts are easily searchable and not lost over time.

Wikia and forums require little if any administration or moderation.  Communication is encouraged in these forums to ask questions.  Disagreements are encouraged to be settled in a mature manner and are often self policing.  Membership is not required to access or post annonymously on our forums.  So if you're looking for something and don't see it simply ask.

Though car forwarding and purpose is our primary goal, we encourage many simple runs.  We try and have as much realistic traffic as possible.

Hopefully one day we will be able to get back into the great routes of Florida and Selkirk.  But in trying various plans with both I found CA still had the most to offer.

Server Connection Info

Server Region IP Address Port Password
V2 Southern California 15197


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