The Colorado and Kansas Eastern RR

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   Discord Server
  Texters Are Allowed
  "Open To The Public" Servers
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Server Added: Feb 15, 2018
Added by: coachwright
Last Updated: Feb 15, 2018

Hosted Server Regions & Routes

Run 8 V2
Southern California
Mojave, Needles, Cajon, Seligman

Selkirk, Mohawk

A-Line, Waycross

Community Sites

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Teamspeak Server

Address: NO
Password: NO

Discord Server


Community Details

our server has been tesed and is now live 

C&KE RR is open to everyone 24/7. our ida is to make it a place for 

beginniners or people who might be having trouble on busier servers,

it is a place you can do run8 without getting griped at for mistakes. we want to help people learn 

if someone has a friend who is new new and/or having troubles larning on a biger groupe please feel 

to invite to come here so you can show them the ropes in a less critial settting 

Server Connection Info

Server Region IP Address Port Password
V2 Northeast 15200 CNK2017
V2 Southeast 15200 CNK2019
V2 Southern California 15197 CNK2018


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